Expert Acoustical and AV Consultants:
Diverse Industries and Organizations

ABD Engineering and Design serves a broad spectrum of vertical markets including healthcare, higher education, corporate, and more with independent acoustical consulting services for architectural acoustics, environmental and industrial noise and vibration control, and audiovisual systems design. We provide expert acoustical consultation—and work collaboratively on projects that demand expertise from two or more of our areas of specialization.

Healthcare Acoustics Healthcare Acoustics 

Acoustical engineering and AV design solutions resolve diverse and complex challenges for hospital and healthcare facilities—from HIPAA speech privacy compliance and quiet patient environments, to vibration and noise control issues, to AV systems design for medical simulation, education, classroom, conference, and other meeting spaces.

Higher Education Acoustics Higher Education Acoustics 

Acoustical engineering and AV design consultation for colleges and universities, providing expert acoustical solutions for diverse, unique campus facilities to enhance learning, recreation, social, and living spaces while creating engaging campus environments.

Corporate Acoustics ConsultingCorporate Acoustics 

Expert corporate workplace acoustical and AV design solutions for diverse workspaces enterprise wide—from open office, meeting, and conferencing environments to manufacturing, processing, and distribution facilities—designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity while supporting comfort and safety across the enterprise.

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