Acoustical Consulting, Engineering & AV Design Services

ABD Engineering and Design is one of the nation’s leading independent acoustical consulting and AV design firms, working with architects, engineers, facility directors, building owners, and municipalities to engineer acoustically pleasing spaces. With expert architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audiovisual systems design services, we help you enhance sound reproduction, reduce sound transmission, and control noise and vibration to deliver optimum acoustical environments for your buildings, facilities, and indoor and outdoor spaces.

Acoustics in Architectural iconArchitectural Acoustics 

Engineering, design, and modeling services provide architects, engineers, building owners, and facilities directors with viable, effective, efficient acoustical solutions to improve acoustics for existing and new buildings, rooms, and facilities.

Acoustics in Design iconAcoustical Design 

Acoustical design solutions including timely decisions in the conceptual and pre-construction phases as well as existing and retro-fit projects recommending size, shape, and materials to achieve optimum acoustical performance.

Acoustical Engineering iconAcoustical Engineering 

Expert acoustical engineering services including diagnostics and analysis for engineering solutions that enhance performance in acoustically demanding spaces.

Acoustics Measurements IconAcoustical Measurement 

Precision measurement of sound transmission, reverberation, reflection, diffusion, absorption, vibration, and other acoustics metrics for acoustical diagnostics and predictive modeling.

Acoustics ModelingAcoustical Modeling 

We use sophisticated acoustical modeling software to predict and assess acoustical environments, identify potential problems, and recommend solutions.

Building systems noise and vibration iconBuilding Systems Noise & Vibration Control 

We consult on building systems design, materials selection, and equipment location to control noise and vibration including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other building and mechanical systems.