Land Use Planning & Development

Noise and vibration control and compliance is a critical consideration in the land use planning and development process. At ABD Engineering and Design, we work collaboratively with planners, developers, property owners, and other stakeholders to assess noise and vibration issues and project compatibility with surrounding environments—providing recommendations to address those concerns.

Land Use Noise and Vibration Studies

We are often engaged early in the process, during the proposed re-zoning stage, to conduct noise feasibility studies for sensitive land use and development projects. Typically predictive assessments for undeveloped land, we deploy acoustical modeling technology to estimate noise and vibration that the proposed project would generate. We also identify and factor in existing stationary sources of noise and ground-borne vibration in the vicinity, for example, industrial facilities, adjacent roadways, and industrial facilities, for a thorough assessment.

For land use and development projects further into planning and development, we conduct full environmental impact studies, with a comprehensive assessment detailing critical noise and vibration issues. That includes detailed recommendations, for example, site orientation adjustments, design modifications, building materials, barriers, berms, and so forth, to control or mitigate noise and vibration.

At completion, we deliver a complete Land Use and Development Noise and Vibration Assessment detailing issues, conclusions, solutions, and recommendations to achieve code compliant land use and projects.

Land Use Noise & Vibration Services