Noise and Vibration Control Engineering & Design Services

ABD Engineering and Design is a leading independent acoustical consulting firm, working with architects, engineers, building owners, facility directors, and municipalities to engineer and design solutions to control and isolate noise and vibration. Our engineers recommend solutions to help you control noise and vibration for your industrial facilities, production lines, and surroundings to help reduce complaints and protect staff and the environment. We work collaboratively to incorporate various aspects of architectural acoustics with noise and vibration control measures, when projects demand the expertise of multiple practice areas.

Noise MeasurementNoise Measurement 

We utilize a wide range of noise measurement tools to evaluate sound transmission, reverberation, reflection, diffusion, absorption, vibration, and other noise metrics to provide accurate data to diagnose actual acoustics issues—as well as predictive acoustical modeling to assess potential noise control issues.

Noise Reduction, Isolation and MitigationNoise Mitigation and Isolation

We engineer and design solutions to mitigate and isolate structure-borne, equipment generated, and environmental noise for architectural, industrial, and environmental spaces.

Acoustical Modeling Acoustic Modeling

Our noise control consultants and engineers model acoustical environments to predict and assess potential noise and vibration problems and recommend solutions.

Vibration Measurement Noise-Vibration Measurement

Vibration measurement services use sophisticated technology to locate, quantify, and characterize vibration, identify sources, and assess their related impact.

Vibration Isolation Vibration Isolation Icon

Our engineers conduct vibration measurement and assessment studies and recommend vibration isolation solutions to control and mitigate vibration generated by mechanical systems, equipment, machinery, transportation, industrial operations, and other sources.