Environmental Noise and Vibration Markets

ABD Engineering and Design is an independent acoustic design firm serving architects, facility managers, and building owners, providing solutions to control, isolate, and mitigate noise and vibration. Our noise and vibration experts have designed solutions for a wide variety of projects and venues.

Industrial Noise Icon Industrial Noise Control 

Industrial noise and vibration control solutions for manufacturing, processing, warehousing, distribution, and other industrial facilities and spaces.

Transportation Noise IconTransportation Systems Noise Control 

Noise and vibration control solutions for transportation systems including airports, railroads, highways, and other transportation facilities and infrastructure.

Land Use IconLand Use Planning and Development

We work collaboratively with planners, developers, property owners, and other stakeholders to assess noise and vibration issues and project compatibility with surrounding environments—providing recommendations to address those concerns.

HVAC Noise IconHVAC & Mechanical Systems Noise Control 

Control solutions for noise and vibration generated by HVAC and other mechanical systems.

Venues: EnvironmentalEnvironmental Noise Control 

Environmental noise and vibration control solutions to measure, assess, and mitigate noise and vibration generated by environmental sources.

Venues: Mixed UseMixed Use Facilities 

Noise and vibration control solutions for mixed-use developments to ensure facilities integrate well with surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Venues: HealthcareHealthcare Noise & Vibration Control 

Solutions to address a wide range of noise and vibration issues that challenge hospitals and healthcare facilities.