Vibration Control

ABD Engineering and Design's vibration control consultants provide expert vibration control solutions, offering vibration analysis with design alternatives, materials and technology specifications, and structural modification recommendations when necessary—to control and isolate transient and continuous vibration.

With vibration control measurement, monitoring, analysis, design, testing, and isolation services, we deliver comprehensive solutions to control vibration generated by indoor and outdoor sources. That include mechanical systems, equipment and machinery, industrial and commercial facilities, public and transportation infrastructure, and other sources and environmental factors.

We work with architects, engineers, building owners, facility managers, municipalities and others to accommodate a wide range of vibration control issues, including buildings and facilities with vibration-sensitive technologies; among them, hospitals, laboratories, high-tech manufacturing and data centers.

Vibration Measurement Noise-Vibration Measurement

Vibration measurement services use sophisticated technology to locate, quantify, and characterize vibration, identify sources, and assess their related impact.

Vibration Isolation Vibration Isolation Icon

Our engineers conduct vibration measurement and assessment studies and recommend vibration isolation solutions to control and mitigate vibration generated by mechanical systems, equipment, machinery, transportation, industrial operations, and other sources.