Healthcare Acoustics

Acoustics pose a wide range of complex challenges for hospital and healthcare facilities—from HIPAA speech privacy compliance and quiet patient environments, to vibration and noise control issues, to designing acoustics and audiovisual technologies for presentation, meeting, and training spaces.

Our acoustical engineering and design professionals work collaboratively to offer architects, healthcare facility managers, HIPAA compliance officers, and other stakeholders expert acoustical consulting services in three distinct practice areas—architectural acoustics, environmental noise and vibration control and audiovisual systems design. Our acoustical consultants have a proven track record, designing acoustical solutions for new construction, remodeling, and retrofit healthcare projects.

Architectural Acoustics for Healthcare Facilities

We help ensure HIPAA oral speech privacy by designing reception areas, exam and patient rooms, and medical office spaces that limit and obscure the transmission of speech.

Our architectural acoustical consultants work with you to design healthcare facility acoustical environments to improve patient satisfaction, protect patient privacy, and limit legal exposure related to HIPPA Oral Speech Privacy Compliance. We test and measure audible and intelligible sound and voice transmission to control, isolate, and mitigate sound—and employ sophisticated acoustics modeling software to predict and analyze healthcare acoustics in facility designs. For healthcare facilities already built, we use state-of-the-art acoustics measurement technology and predictive modeling to assess acoustical issues and evaluate potential solutions to acoustical problems.

Healthcare Environmental Noise and Vibration Control

It’s essential to control noise and vibration generated by mechanical systems, power plants, medical technology, emergency ground and air traffic, and other sources in healthcare environments. We engineer and design noise and vibration control solutions using sophisticated noise measurement and 3D modeling technology to help ensure quiet, comfortable patient accommodations, productive workspaces for staff, and to mitigate effects on sensitive technologies like MRI, CT scanners, and high-powered laboratory microscopes. We consult at every stage of the process, from schematic design to construction administration, to help you meet Facility Guideline Institute standards for design and construction for hospitals, outpatient facilities, residential healthcare, and support facilities.

Michigan State University Secchia Center Lecture Hall with AV projection screens

We help design medical learning environments with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems.

Audiovisual Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

We engineer and design AV systems to integrate with IT network technologies to create more efficient, functional, collaborative communication environments for hospitals and healthcare facilities. From healthcare facility conference, meeting, and huddle rooms to medical simulation observation labs, classroom, training, and auditorium spaces, we custom design and integrate AV systems and technologies to meet content sharing, presentation, video conferencing, live streaming, and other communications needs. Working collaboratively with our architectural acoustics team, our AV system solutions deliver desired performance, custom designed for the spaces where they are utilized.

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