How We Work

Many think the only time to engage the specialized services of an acoustical consultant is when designing entertainment venues and performing arts center. Architectural acoustics, AV design, and noise and vibration control, however, should be considered for projects of any type and size—from single room acoustics to large, complex structures.

In fact, most of the design professionals with whom we work engage ABD Engineering and Design on a wide range of typical, every-day projects. Our acoustical engineering, AV design, and noise and vibration consultants work collaboratively as an extension of your team.

AV and Acoustics Consulting: Design and Pre-Construction Phase

We work with architects, building owners, facilities directors, and technical directors and encourage our involvement in the design and pre-construction phases. With early involvement, we can develop acoustics and AV solutions for construction drawings and help shape environments and systems for desired acoustical performance. Our clients know that a small investment up front helps prevent costly acoustical remediation on the back-end.

AV and Acoustics Consulting: Existing Facilities, Retrofit & Remodeling Projects

We also work with owners of existing structures to design solutions for acoustical and AV enhancements or corrective measures for unacceptable levels of echo, sound transmission, and noise and vibration. We test and analyze acoustics, and use those findings to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Audiovisual Systems Design

Our acoustical consulting firm also includes a team of AV consultants who collaborate with architects, facility managers, and technical directors to custom design audiovisual systems for each native acoustical environment. Our comprehensive audiovisual systems design services include AV Technology Master Planning and AV Infrastructure Planning and Design— as well as Systems Commissioning and Owner Representative Services, offering objective evaluations and recommendations for technologies and systems we design in-house.

Independent Acoustical and AV Consultants

We work as an independent acoustical and AV consulting firm. We don’t represent any brands, manufacturers, or contractors. We do not sell materials, technology, or products. We make independent, unbiased recommendations—and charge only for our expert analysis and consultation services. While we do not sell products, we can and do specify acoustical and AV products and technology, and solicit competitive bids from various vendors on behalf of our clients. We review bids for compliance with specifications, and offer vendor selection recommendations based solely on your best interests.

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