Acoustical Engineering and Design Consultants

ABD Engineering and Design is one of North America’s leading independent acoustical consulting and AV design firms, serving clients across the United States and Canada, as well as other international markets from offices in Grand Rapids, MI and Portland, OR. Our specialized acoustical engineering and AV design practices help architects, building owners, engineers, facility directors, and municipalities design spaces, environments, and systems for optimal acoustical and audiovisual performance. Our consulting practice areas specialize in all aspects of architectural acoustics, environmental and industrial noise and vibration control, and audiovisual systems design.

Architectural Acoustics Consulting 

Our acoustical consultants specialize in building acoustics, room acoustics, room shaping, sound isolation, and mechanical systems noise control, offering acoustical engineering, design, measurement, modeling, and more for new and existing facilities and spaces.

Audiovisual Consulting 

Our AV design consultants specialize in audiovisual systems design including AV Technology Master Planning and AV Infrastructure Planning and Design for education, training, meeting, conference, entertainment, theater, worship, and other venues and markets.

Environmental Noise & Vibration Consulting 

Our noise and vibration consultants specialize in environmental, industrial, and building systems noise and vibration control solutions, offering noise and vibration measurement, isolation, and mitigation solutions.

Our Founder 

With passion and joy, our company founder, Kenric Van Wyk, provided the vision and leadership to build and grow ABD Engineering and Design to become a leading independent acoustical consulting firm, earning the recognition and respect of clients and industry peers alike. His legacy of knowledge, integrity, and character form the foundation of our corporate values and mission, and define the way we do business and serve our clients every day.

Independent Acoustical Consultants

As independent consultants, neither our firm nor our acoustical or AV consulting professionals represent any manufacturers, suppliers, or resellers of acoustical products, sound systems, or audiovisual technologies. Clients of our firm can be confident our independent evaluations and recommendations are completely free from bias, offering the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for your projects.

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