Church of the Servant

Church of the Servant

Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-Purpose Room at the Church of the Servant in Kentwood, Michigan, incorporated a unique shape that was to be used for small and large group gatherings. ABD Engineering & Design engineered several acoustical solutions that met the complex demands of the space. For large group uses, the high ceilings and hard surfaces required an acoustical material that would provide adequate absorption and yet was sensitive to the aesthetic requirements. For multiple small group uses, the operable walls needed to provide adequate noise isolation for the resulting three breakout rooms.

Our professional engineers modeled the space with sophisticated software and predicted how the room would respond acoustically.  When the acoustical improvements were incorporated, the church achieved a versatile ministry space free from excess reverberation and noise pollution all without sacrificing  the space’s aesthetic appeal.

Photo courtesy of Classis Grand Rapids East.


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April 24, 2007