Finish Line

Corporate Headquarters

When Finish Line, the popular athletic shoe retailer, decided to connect their new corporate offices to their large manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, the plan seemed foolproof. Keeping the headquarters close to the manufacturing plant would encourage fluid communication and accountability amongst all personnel and would improve the overall company environment. The problem was finding a way to isolate the loud plant noise from the new offices and meeting rooms. Acoustics By Design was brought in by Wolfson Young Architects to consult on mechanical noise control and noise isolation for the conveyor system and the air compressors near the demising wall.

Our professional engineers measured the sound levels in the existing facility and analyzed both the airborne and structureborne noise. Next, we developed a solvent noise isolation plan, addressing all angles of sound propagation. Our final report included specifications for the Legal Department Offices, CEO Office, and Conferences Area, all of which were separated from the plant by the demising wall. With our recommendations in place, Finish Line now enjoys the benefits of a connected manufacturing and corporate environment without the normal pitfalls of a noisy office space.


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April 27, 2007