Northwestern University

Nanotech Labs

When Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, started evaluating absocations in the Technological Institute for fit-out of nanotech labs, they knew the labs had to be free from unacceptable levels of vibration. Since nanotechnology deals with very fine data, even nominal levels of vibration could potentially ruin valuable research and experiments. Acoustics By Design was brought in to take detailed vibration measurements with our highly sensitive detection equipment. After completing the measurements, our professional engineers assessed the various prospective locations against industry accepted generic vibration guidelines, discussed vibration criteria with specific equipment manufacturers whose fabrication and research equipment would be located in the labs, and recommended optimal locations for the labs and vibration isolation schemes for the most sensitive equipment. Our final report provided Northwestern University with the data needed to achieve an ideal research environment for their new Nanotech Labs.


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April 27, 2006