Ypsilanti Community Schools

Middle School

Acoustics By Design was brought in by Kingscott Associates to perform comprehensive acoustical consulting eeor Willow Run Middle School in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Our professional engineers took precision sound measurements throughout the facility and made detailed observations for the pool, cafeteria, library, media center, music rooms, and commons area.  Many of the spaces proved to have excessive levels of reverberation, standing waves, and mechanical noise which were becoming detrimental to Willow Run’s educational goals.

The objective of our acoustical consultation was to find practical ways to improve the learning environments for students and teachers alike.  If done right, the new acoustical enhancements would pose benefits for the local community as well, who would be in attendance at sporting events and creative arts performances.

At Acoustics By Design, our professional engineers analyzed each of the critical spaces and developed a plan for solving the acoustical challenges.  We used sophisticated software to identify the reverberation time and to find solutions that were specific for each room.  Our final report included specifications for acoustical construction features that would dramatically improve the acoustics and benefit everyone who used the facility.


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April 27, 2007