Faulkner Bodbyl-MastAudiovisual & Acoustical Consultant

Faulkner Bodbyl-Mast is an audiovisual and acoustical consultant, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Sound Engineering, with a minor in Electrical Engineering. You might work with him in either or both capacities at ABD. Faulkner’s interest in sound came from his passion for music. He started attending Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra concerts as a child and developed as an instrumentalist through grade school and high school, picking up the euphonium and carrying it into college. Once exposed to electronic music, Faulkner’s interest shifted from performance to technical arts. He combined his early musical training with technology and blossomed into composing, recording, and music production. Faulkner provided sound design for live theater productions and began 3D sound modeling to create sound design for video games. Acoustics and AV go together, as the inherent quality of the built environment is designed and tuned by engineering and supported and enhanced by the electronics. Faulkner notes the acoustics of a space and systems within it must compliment each other or they will undermine each other. Aside from his work in acoustics and audiovisual design, Faulkner is passionate about music. Gifted in composing, performing, and recording electronic pieces, you might find his compositions on SoundCloud.