Auditorium Renovation

Tillamook High School Auditorium

Tillamook High School

Auditorium and K-12

Tillamook, Oregon


ABD Engineering & Design worked with ZCS Engineering & Architecture on their seismic upgrade and renovation of the Tillamook High School Auditorium. The articulated ceiling needed to be removed and replaced while maintaining the existing room acoustics in the space for plays, music performances, lectures, and assemblies.

ABD’s acoustical consultants performed reverberation time measurements in the auditorium prior to ceiling demolition. Data collected on site was used with architectural drawings to create a computer model of the space with the existing articulated ceiling. This modeling gave us the information needed to provide recommendations for the acoustical treatment materials, square footage, and locations to maintain the acoustical performance in the space while meeting the tight project budget.

The new acoustical ceiling features curved reflectors designed to evenly distribute sound throughout the seating area.


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January 19, 2021