Fiamma Grille

The Fiamma Grille in Plymouth, Michigan, is a trendy restaurant in an upscale urban environment. The Dining Room included a great looking barrel vaulted ceiling that gave the space an instant aesthetic appeal. The problem came when the room was filled with dining guests and unacceptable levels of reverberant noise filled the room, spilling into the adjacent bar and banquet hall. The restaurant owner met with Acoustics By Design to discuss the problem. Following the meeting, detailed acoustical measurements and computer analysis was conducted on the Dining Room and the adjoining bar. Our final report included several cost effective solutions for solving the restaurant’s acoustical problems, including the application of a spray-on solution that looked like plaster. This product yielded the desired results without sacrificing the visual appeal of the ceiling. The resulting design allows their patrons to have stress-free conversations and an exceptional dining experience.


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April 27, 2005