Henry Ford Hospital

West Bloomfield Hospital

This hospital was designed with all aspects of patient wellness in mind, including taking a proactive design stance on the acoustical environment. Sound propagation throughout the facility, in both public and patient areas, was investigated to facilitate selection of proper sound absorbing and blocking treatments to create calm and private surroundings for a busy facility. ABD Engineering and Design recommended treatments for the two large atriums, verified performance of architect-selected partition types, and provided direction on sound isolation for the MR suite. Additionally, a state-of-the-art 90 seat demonstration kitchen was designed with adequate sound isolation, interior treatment and low background HVAC noise for future use as a broadcast auditorium. Henry Ford Health System is also sensitive to the community where this facility is located and embarked on property line noise measurements to assure compliance with the local ordinance. LEED certification is being sought for this beautiful “northern Michigan lodge” styled building.


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April 24, 2009