Herman Miller MarketPlace

Acoustics By Design was brought in to complete an acoustical analysis for the Herman Miller Marketplace, a contemporary office structure in Zeeland, Michigan. The facility incorporates a very open office floor plan with conference rooms and a large lobby, thus presenting a complex acoustical environment. Our professional engineers took measurements of the background noise levels, HVAC noise levels, and reverberation times throughout the building. Finally, we generated a report with recommendations for noise mitigation solutions including construction features that would reduce reverberation time and a sound masking system that would cover conversational noise and offer additional levels of privacy for the workers.

The emphasis on green building design utilized during this project promotes energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and conservation of materials and resources. The Marketplace was submitted for and received one of the highest rankings from the U.S. Green Building Council – the Gold Level of LEED Certification.


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April 26, 2003