Little River Casino Resort

After Little River Casino moved into their new gaming facility, they discovered a safety issue that needed to be resolved. There was no way of knowing that the fire alarm (if it ever had to sound) would be loud enough to be heard over the noise of the gaming equipment and background noise of the casino floor. The casino needed assurance that they were legally following the National Fire Alarm Code, but more importantly, they needed to know that every guest would hear the fire alarm in the case of an emergency.

Acoustics By Design was retained to perform a 24-hour noise monitoring study of the casino floor. Our professional engineers used sophisticated sound meters throughout the space to measure the ambient noise levels. We compared the site measurements with the National Fire Alarm Code and the 2003 International Building Code. After a detailed analysis of the measurements and interpretation of the fire and building codes, recommendations were given for fire alarm sound levels that satisfied the code requirements and kept the casino guests safe in case of an emergency.


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April 27, 2003