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Jefferson Lofts - Condominium Adaptive Reuse

Condominium Adaptive Reuse


St. Joseph, Michigan


Jefferson Lofts Condominiums is a beautiful 22 unit development, just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, built in the St. Joseph landmark, Jefferson School.

The condominium association hired ABD Engineering & Design to help address sound transfer between units. ABD’s acoustical consultants performed testing for airborne and impact noise in locations where owners were able to hear their neighbors voices, televisions, and footfall. After analysis of the as-built drawings, ABD provided recommendations for the construction needed to improve the noise isolation and impact insulation.

The Jefferson Lofts implemented ABD’s recommendations and invited ABD back to measure the improved performance and compare our findings to other assemblies in the condominiums.

Photos courtesy of Superior Property Management LLC.


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November 5, 2020