Video Studio Expansion

Video Studio Expansion

Engineering Firm in Eastern Washington

Performance and Workplace

Eastern, Washington


ABD Engineering & Design was hired by a national engineering firm to assist with the expansion and improvement of their existing video studio in Eastern Washington State. The studio, in the basement of a 5-story office building, presented a number of acoustical challenges, including a fast-paced schedule and finding practical solutions for the existing space to meet their needs without over-designing.

ABD’s acoustical consultants worked with our client to develop a plan for the studio and the modifications needed to achieve their production goals. Our recommendations included details for the room acoustics, noise isolation, and mechanical noise control.
True for any recording space, the mechanical system noise needed to be low enough not to interfere with the program audio, while acoustical treatments needed to blend into the room and be out of view from the cameras. Likewise, the studio is now isolated from adjacent spaces to avoid sound-transfer into and out of the room.

Following their first recording session, they said, “The space looks great and the end users are happy.”


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October 9, 2020