Keystone Community Church


Ada, Michigan


29,775 sq ft

Keystone Community Church has the honor of being the first LEED Certified church in the world. LEED Certification is the new benchmark for green, sustainable design practices. And as many organizations are learning, acoustics play an important role in the LEED certification process.

ABD Engineering and Design was retained to offer a detailed acoustical analysis for Keystone’s new facility in Ada, Michigan. Our professional engineers used sophisticated computer software to model the rooms in 3D and predict their aural response. Next, we made recommendations for proper reverberation time, background noise levels, and absorption and diffusion levels throughout the facility. Our final report included specifications for construction features that would capitalize on the varying acoustical needs within the space. Careful attention was paid to the metal roof deck to ensure that it would provide the proper amount of low frequency absorption. In addition, we developed a thorough mechanical noise study, making recommendations for noise mitigation for several rooftop mechanical units. At the end of the day, Keystone made the right choices for acoustical features that would increase the environmental quality and sustainability of their entire facility.


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April 24, 2014