Lakeland Health

Lakeland Medical Center


Saint Joseph, Michigan


143,000 sq ft

When Lakeland Healthcare in Saint Joseph, Michigan, began planning for their new, 143,000 SF, 118-bed patient tower, they had a clear goal in mind – to build the quietest hospital in Michigan and perhaps even the world. ABD Engineering and Design worked with BSA Lifestructures, Maregatti Interiors, and Lakeland Healthcare to design comprehensive acoustical improvements for the new patient tower.

From the moment you walk into the new facility, the acoustical design in the lobby creates a relaxed environment that continues throughout the building and into the patient rooms, which are free from unwanted noise and interruptions.

When the project was finished, many facets of the design contributed to the optimized acoustical environment including: single patient rooms with acoustical finishes for comfort and noise isolation for privacy, maximum absorption around the decentralized nurses stations, HVAC noise control measures, background noise attenuation, and acoustical absorption in the halls and corridors.


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April 24, 2012