Mixed-use building requiring acoustical attention between floors

Leo’s Restaurant is one of the premiere seafood eateries in the Midwest. However, when their new facility design called for a lower level t-out of an existing parking ramp, noise concerns came to the forefront. This meant there would be cars driving above the restaurant at all times, and the potential for noise pollution and vibration was obvious. Acoustics By Design was brought in by Design Plus to develop plans for architectural acoustics, noise isolation, and mechanical noise control. Our professional engineers used 3D modeling software to predict the acoustical qualities as affected by the physical structure and the traffic noise. We incorporated a multifaceted plan to absorb, block, and cover the sound and vibration. When the restaurant was completed in April of 2004, the results were clear: Leo’s had become a classy, great-sounding restaurant, free from exterior noise or vibration. In addition, the acoustical environment within the restaurant was lively yet controlled, resulting in a pleasant dining experience.


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April 20, 2004