Muskegon Community College Arts & Humanities

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Muskegon Community College Arts & Humanities

Theater, Music, and Art

Auditorium, Higher Education, and Performance

Muskegon, Michigan



ABD Engineering & Design worked with Progressive AE on updates to the Muskegon Community College Overbrook Theater, and to renovate and re-purpose the applied technologies building for use as music and art spaces.

Converting an automotive and industrial classroom wing to critical listening spaces presented challenges, but provided the music department with a significant improvement over their existing practice spaces. The taller roof structure in the automotive department allowed for greater ceiling height but existing mechanical and plumbing equipment needed mitigation to provide a good listening environment. Our work included a complete acoustical scope consisting of room acoustics, noise isolation, and mechanical noise control for performance and rehearsal spaces, along with practice rooms.

The project also carried some pauses to address fundraising and general re-budgeting, along with expansion of the original scope of services, rooms, and equipment. Our audiovisual designers designed AV systems for the theater, classrooms, visual arts spaces, performance and rehearsal rooms.


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May 8, 2019