Oregon Humane Society

ABD Engineering & Design provided acoustical consulting for the Oregon Humane Society, especially important for animals.

Hospital, Behavior Rehabilitation, and Rescue Center


Portland, Oregon


71,000 sq ft

ABD Engineering & Design provided acoustical consulting for the Society’s (OHS) Portland campus, especially important for animals in the spaces throughout the buildings, from the waiting lobby, to exam rooms, to recreational areas.

ABD worked with Scott Edwards Architecture on several aspects and phases of the project. Two buildings were added to the existing shelter to provide the Community Veterinary Hospital and Animal Crimes Forensics Center, along with a Behavior Modification and Rescue Center. The building won DJC (Hospitality & Special Purposes – 1st place) Award. Likewise, the Oregon Humane Society The New Road Ahead was selected by Portland Business Journal as one of the most transformative projects in the region and was granted a 2023 Landmark Award (formerly Transformer Awards).

ABD focused on three services across the facility. First, room acoustics to reduce the echo and help control the noise levels, especially for the more sensitive animals in the BMRC. Mechanical noise control helped to reduce the background sound levels. And, noise isolation to help separate the spaces from each other and make adjacencies easier on the animals and their human helpers. Careful attention to these needs was given for the purposes of providing greater comfort in what can be a traumatic environment.

Photos by Cheryl McIntosh, Quanta Collectiv


Posted on

May 19, 2023