Ben Davis High School

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Ben Davis High School Theater

Auditorium and Theater

Auditorium, K-12, and Theater

Indianapolis, IN


ABD Engineering & Design worked with Schmidt Associates to provide acoustical engineering and audiovisual design services for renovating the existing 1200 seat auditorium and 480 seat theater.

ABD’s acoustical engineers performed acoustical testing in the existing spaces to measure the existing conditions. Data collected on site was combined with the architectural drawings to model the auditorium and theater, and make recommendations for new acoustical surfaces, treatments, and finishes.

Our Audiovisual consultants evaluated the existing AV infrastructure and systems to determine what portions and components could be kept and re-used. Interviews with the school stakeholder revealed how the spaces would be used and how they wanted the new systems to operate. ABD developed a plan and budget for the new systems and designed to those.

The resulting new AV systems, infrastructure to support them and acoustics result in state-of-the-art spaces that sound as good as they look.


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July 28, 2023