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ABD Engineering and Design worked with A.M.D.G. Architects, Inc., to design comprehensive architectural acoustics in the Ridgeview Industries Corporate Headquarters.  The office, common areas, and manufacturing facility were designed to flow together as much as possible. The plans included a gymnasium, cafeteria, commons area, and exercise room, as well as a waiting room and meeting room. The facility houses everything from loud sports activities to sensitive office conversations, all under the same roof. To make the challenge greater, the new space would be added onto an existing manufacturing facility, sharing a load-bearing wall.

ABD worked to develop an intricate plan for addressing the multiple acoustical issues. We made recommendations for construction features that would lower the reverberation time in the larger spaces, like the gym, and café’, while raising the sound isolation in the smaller spaces, like the waiting room and meeting room. Our design provided Ridgeview Industries with the proper amount of acoustical treatment to meet their needs for years to come.

Photos courtesy of A.M.D.G. Architects.


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April 27, 2014