Weatherford International

Rotaflex Pumps

Weatherford International in Odessa, Texas, is a leading oil well pump manufacturer. Their unique Rotaflex model boasts a long stroke with a high capacity output which puts it in high demand around the world. One site in the Netherlands wanted to make a large order of the pumps, but first needed to have assurance from Weatherford that the new machines would comply with local community noise ordinances. Purchasing and installing the pumps without this information could potentially lead to a community noise problem and a legal disaster. Weatherford’s engineers developed an acoustical enclosure to absorb and block some of the sound, but they needed independent measurements to quantify the results. Acoustics By Design was brought in to measure the environmental noise levels before and after the addition of the new acoustical enclosure. Our engineers traveled to sites in Texas and New Mexico to take noise measurements of several existing Rotaflex pumps. After gauging the noise levels with and without the acoustical enclosures, a full report of our findings was generated. With this detailed information at hand, Weatherford International had the proof they needed to show the positive effects of the enclosure, further solidifying their big sale in the Netherlands and in other locations around the world.


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April 27, 2007