Lear Corporation

Corporate Headquarters

Lear Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that designs and manufactures complete seat systems, electronic products, and electrical distribution systems for the automobile industry. Lear Corporation worked with Albert Kahn Architects and HKS to design their new corporate headquarters on their Southfield, Michigan, campus. The headquarters included a new state of the art, 300-seat theater, an executive boardroom, open offices, and dining room. The theater houses everything from training seminars to corporate events and must be flexible, yet sophisticated.

Acoustics By Design was brought in to consult on Architectural Acoustics, Interior Room Isolation, Mechanical Noise Control, and Audio-Visual Design. Our professional engineers used 3-D, ray-tracing computer technology to analyze and predict the exact acoustical response of the room. Our project report included specifications for construction features and technical equipment that would maximize the use of the space without going over budget. After completion, the new auditorium performed wonderfully and exceeded the expectations of the Lear Corporation Executives.


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April 27, 2007