Iva HandleyAcoustical Consultant

Iva Handley is a graduate of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences in Germany, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering, with a focus on interior engineering. Iva has since worked as an engineer in the building design field, both in Germany, and in the US. She is experienced in acoustical measurements of airborne sound, impact noise, equipment, construction, and traffic noise, as well as building enclosures and field reviews. She also brings a background in carpentry and metal work to her projects. When Iva isn’t out taking acoustical measurements, building acoustical room models, or writing engineering reports, you might find her brewing her own beer.

Iva Handley's Projects

ABD Engineering & Design provided acoustical consulting for the Oregon Humane Society, especially important for animals.

Oregon Humane Society Hospital, Behavior Rehabilitation, and Rescue Center

ABD Engineering & Design provided acoustical consulting for the Society’s (OHS) Portland campus, especially important for animals in the spaces throughout the buildings, from the waiting lobby, to exam rooms,…
Oregon State Treasury Resilient Office Building Lobby

Oregon State Treasury Resilient Office Building

ABD Engineering & Design worked with GBD Architects on the Oregon State Treasury Office Building. The two-story building is located in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, an earthquake epicenter. As part…

Iva Handley's Experience

  • Bridgeport VillagePortland, Oregon
  • Mooberry Elementary School – Chiller NoiseHillsboro, Oregon
  • Godfrey DetroitDetroit, Michigan
  • Schirle Elementary SchoolSalem, Oregon
  • Treasury ResiliencySalem, Oregon
  • Victory Charter School Performing Arts CenterNampa, Idaho
  • Hermiston Schools (Theater Lane Elementary School, Rocky Heights Elementary School, High School Classroom Annex and CTE)Hermiston, Oregon
  • Outdoor Chiller Noise ControlPortland, Oregon
  • Oregon Humane SocietyPortland, Oregon
  • Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical CenterClackamas, Oregon
  • United Natural Foods Noise and Vibration StudyRidgefield, Washington
  • Sprague High SchoolSalem, Oregon
  • Open Office AcousticsVancouver, Washington
  • Legacy Health Emanuel Medical Center and Progressive Cardiac Care UnitPortland, Oregon
  • Casino Road – Office Building RenovationEverett, Washington