Bassett Healthcare

With over twenty locations and a budget of 170 million, Basset Healthcare in Cooperstown, New York, is one of the leading healthcare providers in the country. So when it was discovered that the Generator Room on their main campus was emitting unacceptable levels of noise into the community, clear action needed to be taken. To compound the problem, the Generator Room already was experiencing an airflow problem, so completely sealing up the room was not a viable option. At Acoustics By Design, our professional engineers quantified the offending mechanical noise by making measurements with a precision sound level meter. Recordings were taken at numerous locations to further diagnose the noise problems. We completed a complex acoustical analysis, and drafted a project report to meet the needs of the structure. Several solutions were offered that would effectively improve the ventilation to the Generator Room without increasing the existing sound levels on the exterior of the building. Using our thorough report, Bassett Healthcare was able to improve their energy efficiency without increasing their overall noise level in the community.


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April 27, 2007