Tacoma General Hospital

Tacoma General Hospital MRI Suite

MRI Suite Renovation and Expansion


Tacoma, Washington


ABD Engineering & Design worked with Clark Kjos Architects to conduct an MRI vibration study at the Tacoma General Hospital Multicare Regional Cancer Center.

Our Professional Engineer and vibration expert conducted a vibration study for the the renovation and expansion of MRI services at Tacoma General. An additional magnet was added in a new MRI suite. The vibration study included active vibration levels (with vehicle traffic in the adjacent parking lot, pedestrian traffic, opening and closing of doors, elevator operation, etc). Conversely, our engineer made quiet vibration levels with no vehicular or pedestrian traffic in the area or near the proposed MRI. We used noise level measurements to identify HVAC and other sources that might cause vibration levels to exceed the manufacturer’s vibration criteria.

Our engineered recommendations included general recommendations for vibration mitigation – through coordination with a structural engineer – as well as specific acoustical design of noise isolation around the MRI suite and between critical adjacent spaces.


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June 29, 2018