California Acoustical Consultants

Acoustical consulting services for San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Rose, Sacramento, and throughout Northern California.

Acoustics, Noise and Vibration, and AV Systems Design Solutions

ABD Engineering and Design consult with architects, engineers, facility managers, building owners, and others throughout Northern California from our Portland, OR office, offering expertise in three individually distinct practice areas—architectural acoustics, environmental noise and vibration control, and audiovisual systems design.

Our acoustical consultants work collaboratively with design professionals to engineer the appropriate acoustical environments for facilities in the design or pre-construction phases. For existing facilities in need of acoustical improvements, we work directly with building owners and facility managers to enhance or correct acoustics and control and mitigate noise and vibration.

Audiovisual design specialists at ABD Engineering and Design also work with architects, building owners, CTOs, and technical directors, providing complete AV design services, including Audiovisual Systems Design, AV Technology Master Planning, and AV Infrastructure Planning and Design services.

Our firm also includes noise and vibration consultants who specialize in the measurement, control, and isolation of noise and vibration including  environmental and industrial noise and vibration control, land use planning and development, and more.


We serve clients throughout Northern California including the San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Rosa, and Sacramento markets from our Portland, OR office. To learn more about ABD Engineering and Design’s acoustical consulting services, please contact us.

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