AV Infrastructure Planning and Design

To truly design a building or facility to serve you 20 and 30 years from now, as well as it does on day one, requires forward thinking. At ABD Engineering and Design, that’s what we bring to the table with AV Infrastructure Planning and Design services.

Future-Proof your AV Infrastructure

Conference room with AV technologies.Our approach is collaborative. We work closely with architects, engineers, building owners, CTOs, IT, and user groups. We understand interests and concerns of multiple stakeholders, from ROI, to systems performance, to ease of use. We speak the language of IT, and work with your IT group to establish system standards and topologies that work with your organization’s IT operations, including software, services, security, and long-term planning. We  anticipate audiovisual needs to help future-proof your building, facilities, and AV systems with solutions that are easier and more economical to support. So, as your organization grows, your needs change, and AV technology evolves, your infrastructure can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively support AV technology and systems expansions, modifications, and upgrades.

While change is inevitable, a long-term AV infrastructure planning and design strategy helps you plan, design, and build features into infrastructure now, to facilitate changes later. That may mean, for example, planning and design considerations for ceilings, floors, and walls now–to accommodate electrical, cooling, conduit pathways, structured cabling, IT networking, and other systems later. It also means creative planning and design solutions that makes AV technology an integral part of your space—so technology upgrades seamlessly, integrates, and complements the design vision and efficacy of your spaces.

Independent AV Infrastructure Planning and Design

We meet, listen, and share knowledge and expertise, exploring options to help you plan and design AV infrastructure to serve your needs today, tomorrow, and decades beyond. We also offer AV Technology Master Planning to accommodate technology advances.

As independent AV consultants, we do not represent or sell products or services for any manufacturers, technologies, integrators, contractors, or suppliers. We only consult, offering you unbiased planning and design recommendations best suited to serve your long-term AV infrastructure and AV technology needs and budget.

AV Infrastructure Planning and Design Services

  • Long-term AV Infrastructure Planning Strategy
  • AV Infrastructure Design to Accommodate Short- and Long-term AV Systems Solutions
  • AV Infrastructure Budgeting
  • AV Technology Master Planning