Idaho Acoustical Consultants

Comprehensive acoustical consulting services for Boise and throughout Idaho.

Acoustics, Noise and Vibration, and AV Systems Design Experts

ABD Engineering and Design’s acoustical consultants serve Idaho architects, engineers, facility managers, and building owners in the Boise Metropolitan Area and throughout Idaho from our Portland, OR office, offering expertise in three practice areas—architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audiovisual systems design.

Our acoustical consultants work collaboratively with Idaho design professionals to create the appropriate acoustical environments. We also work directly with facility managers and building owners to design acoustical enhancements or corrective measures for unacceptable levels of sound transmission, noise, and vibration.

Audiovisual design specialist at ABD Engineering and Design work with architects, building owners, CTOs, and technical directors offering comprehensive audiovisual design services, including AV Systems Design, AV Technology Master Planning. and AV Infrastructure Planning and Design services.

Our firm also includes noise and vibration consultants who specialize in the measurement, control, and isolation of noise and vibration.including environmental and industrial noise and vibration control, land use planning and development, and more.

Our Portland, OR office provides acoustical consulting services for clients in Boise and throughout Idaho.

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