Vibration Measurement

Vibration measurement uses advanced technology to locate, quantify, and characterize vibration.

At ABD Engineering and Design, our engineers diagnose and analyze sources of structure-borne or ground-borne vibration and assess their related impact. Using findings from our vibration measurement studies, our vibration consultants engineer design alternatives, specify materials, and recommend structural modifications where necessary to mitigate or isolate transient or continuous vibration. Whenever possible, we provide recommendations for mitigating vibration at the source, but also offer vibration mitigation solutions along the travel path when it’s a more practical option.

Graph of floor vibration for an MRI room in a medical facility. Expert Vibration Measurement

Our engineers have extensive experience in measuring vibration levels and solving vibration-related issues in a wide variety of applications, serving healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, construction, public services, retail and residential, as well as architects, real estate developers, and others. Our vast project experience includes:

  • Measuring an assessing existing vibration levels in built environments and at proposed project sites.
  • Vibration mitigation for sensitive equipment, such as MRIs, high-powered microscopes, coordinate measurement machines,
  • Mitigating vibration from mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other sources within buildings, such as air handling units, chillers, pumps, generators, and transformers.
  • Mitigating industrial and manufacturing vibration generated by equipment operation, distribution and logistics operation and other sources.
  • Measuring and predicting transit vibration levels (automobile, light rail, freight rail) received at residential or commercial buildings


Vibration Measurement Services

  • Vibration Diagnostics
  • Structure-Borne Vibration Measurement
  • Ground-Borne Vibration Measurement