Healthcare Noise and Vibration Control

Hospital and healthcare environments are challenged with a wide range of noise control and vibration control issues—from quiet patient environments and patient privacy to MRI vibration isolation to control of noise and vibration generated by mechanical systems, power plants, medical technology, and environmental sources such as emergency ground and air traffic.

At ABD Engineering and Design, our acoustical noise and vibration consultants are experts with a proven track record of engineering and designing acoustical solutions for new construction, remodeling, or retrofit healthcare projects. That includes expertise for meeting LEED certification environmental quality standards for healthcare acoustics.

Healthcare Noise and Vibration Control Process

We test and measure noise and vibration using sophisticated acoustics modeling software to predict and analyze noise and vibration in hospital and healthcare facility designs. For existing facilities, we use state-of-the-art acoustics measurement technology and predictive modeling to assess noise and vibration issues and recommend noise and vibration control, isolation, and mitigation solutions.

HIPAA Compliant Acoustics Solutions

Our independent acoustical consultants work closely with architects, facilities managers, and HIPAA compliance officers to design proper acoustical environments to improve patient satisfaction, protect patient privacy, and limit legal exposure related to HIPAA Oral Speech Privacy Compliance.

Independent Healthcare Acoustical Consultants

As independent acoustical consultants, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, our clients can be confident our acoustical recommendations are free from bias and focused only on the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for the issues at hand.

Healthcare Noise and Vibration Control Consulting Services