Environmental Acoustics: Mixed Use Developments

ABD Engineering and Design conducts site evaluations for mixed-use developers to ensure developments integrate with surrounding neighborhoods and communities. Our experienced noise and vibration professionals assess and predict potential noise problems in mixed-use developments, analyzing the impact entertainment, retail, commercial, and other public spaces will have on one another and on neighboring spaces. We analyze the potential impact building mechanicals, tenant venues, traffic, and other noise and vibration sources, and design appropriate acoustical and sound isolation solutions. We also help you with compliance issues for local and regional environmental noise standards and ordinances.

Architectural Acoustics: Mixed-Use Facilities

Our noise and vibration and architectural acoustic consultants often collaborate with mixed-use developers, architects, and engineers early in design and pre-construction phases to solve mixed-use development interior and exterior acoustics issues in new construction, adaptive-reuse, remodeling, and retrofit projects. We engineer and design noise and vibration and sound isolation solutions, providing recommendations for room shaping, demising walls, materials, finishes, exterior facades, and building envelopes to help ensure mixed-use properties peacefully co-exist with the surrounding environments.