Center for Health & Healing Building 2

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Center for Health & Healing Building 2

Oregon Health & Science University

Healthcare and Higher Education

Portland, Oregon



750,000 sq ft

ABD Engineering & Design worked with ZGF Architects to provide complete acoustical consulting services for building 2 in the OHSU Center for Health and Healing complex. Building 2 is composed of two structures, a 450,000 SF 15-story hospital, and the Rood Pavilion, an 11-story, 300,000 SF mixed-use building with 76 patient guest rooms (38 pediatric rooms, 38 adult rooms). The pavilion serves as a hotel for patients who are being treated in the hospital, and includes a conference center.

ABD’s scope of services included room acoustics, noise isolation, mechanical noise control and vibration isolation for both the hospital and pavilion to achieve the acoustical recommendations contained in the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities: Site Exterior Noise, Acoustical Finishes and Details, Room Noise Levels, Noise Isolation, Speech Privacy, Building Vibration and Structure-borne Sound. Meanwhile, the project is also designed to meet LEED Gold for Healthcare.

The project presented several acoustical design challenges. The hospital building included large upper-floor generators that could run at any time and cause significant structure-borne noise and vibration. The sky bridge required specialized sound modeling for City of Portland approval. Finally, additional noise control measures were designed and implemented to protect nearby luxury, high-rise condominium buildings from the exterior noise levels.


Posted on

October 8, 2020