Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center

Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center Hybrid Operating Room

Hybrid OR and CVL


Clackamas, Oregon


Selecting and verifying locations for a hybrid operating room (hybrid OR) and a central venous line (CVL) procedure room requires specialized vibration analysis and mechanical noise and vibration control. ABD Engineering & Design worked closely with PKA Architects (Peterson Kolberg and Associates Inc. PC) to evaluate the site for the Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center Hybrid OR and CVL rooms to be sure the site would meet both the manufacturer’s vibration criteria as well as FGI footfall vibration criteria. Likewise, coordination with the structural engineer was critical to the project’s success.

ABD performed an initial vibration study and provided recommendations for vibration control needed for the vibration-sensitive equipment. Our measurements focused on vibration induced from footfall within the building and from existing mechanical equipment.

Later, when an additional new rooftop mechanical unit was added to the project, we evaluated the HVAC manufacturer’s proposed vibration isolation and engineered additional recommendations to further isolate and prevent the potential structure-borne vibrations and airborne noise.


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September 20, 2018