Parrott Creek

Parrott Creek Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services


Oregon City, Oregon



22,410 sq ft

ABD Engineering & Design is working with El Dorado Architects on the Parrott Creek youth addiction and mental health treatment center. Up to 40 kids will find residential and outpatient help with a deep connection to nature on the 80-acre campus. Part of incorporating a “trauma-informed design” includes, of course, acoustics.
ABD’s scope includes complete acoustical engineering in three primary services.

  • Room Acoustics – to address the amount of echo and reverberation in the spaces.
  • Noise Isolation – to help separate one space from another.
  • Mechanical Noise Control – to reduce the noise from HVAC, electrical, and other building systems.

The Parrott Creek facilities will include therapy and treatment rooms, living and working spaces, classrooms, fitness, music, kitchen and dining, and sensory spaces.
ABD is grateful to be part of this transformative facility.

Renderings courtesy of El Dorado Architects.


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November 10, 2023