West Ottawa Public School

High School Campus


Holland, Michigan



This new 325,000 SF high school building was completed in August of 2005. As a LEED Certified project, West Ottawa incorporated numerous acoustical enhancements to create a sustainable educational facility. Acoustics By Design was brought in to consult on comprehensive architectural acoustics, mechanical noise control, and room isolation throughout the facility.

Our professional engineers made recommendations for the Band, Choir, and Orchestra Rehearsal Rooms, Practice Rooms, TV Studio, Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Media Center, Large Group Instruction, and Concourse. The improvements were designed to minimize reverb time and maximize speech intelligibility. We used advanced acoustical modeling software to predict how each room would respond aurally.  This information enabled us to develop a design that met the performance criteria without going over budget.

This project received the Associated Builder & Contractor Award for Sheet Metal in 2005 and the Green Building Award in 2007. The total construction cost was $38,388,675.


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April 26, 2005