Chicago Acoustical Consultants

The independent acoustical consultants at ABD Engineering and Design serve Chicago through the firm’s office in Grand Rapids, MI.

Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control, and AV Systems Design Solutions

ABD Engineering and Design serves Chicago architects, facility managers, and building owners, working collaboratively with design professionals to make the proper decisions regarding the size and shape of spaces, construction materials to be used, and the design and placement of mechanical systems.

In facilities already built, the firm’s acoustical consultants often work directly with building owners and facility managers to correct acoustical problems, and control and mitigate noise and vibration.

Also serving Chicago facility managers and technical directors is our AV design consultants who engineer and design audiovisual systems and provide expert AV Technology Master Planning and AV Infrastructure Planning and Design services.

Our noise and vibration consultants specialize in the measurement, control, and isolation of noise and vibration in environmental and industrial settings, as well as land use planning and development.

We provided acoustical consulting services in Chicago and the Chicagoland area from our Grand Rapids, MI office.

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