Quiet Hosptial Floor

Create a Quieter Hospital Floor

A quieter hospital floor provides a more restful healing environment. Healthcare studies show how increased noise levels interrupt sleep, and patient satisfaction surveys consistently rank “quiet at night” among the lowest scores.

Acoustics in a busy restaurant

What Do Acoustical Consultants Actually Do?

So what exactly does an acoustical consultant do, anyway? If you’ve been to a noisy restaurant, noticed a lack of privacy in a healthcare setting, felt oppressed by noise at the office, or been in a performing arts theater, you already know why acoustical...
absorbing vs blocking sound

Absorbing Vs. Blocking Sound

When sound transfers from one space to another, what’s the most effective treatment? Does fiberglass insulation stop sound? Advice from professional acoustical consultants on the dos and don’t of sound absorption versus noise isolation....
How Does Sound Masking Work

How Does Sound Masking Work?

Have you ever increased the volume of your music or television program to “drown out” your noisy neighbors? Or have you noticed how difficult it is to hear a conversation while eating in a busy restaurant? In both situations, sound from the “masker” (your...