Audiovisual Systems Commissioning

ABD Engineering and Design offers independent, third-party AV systems commissioning services to be sure your systems perform and operate as designed and specified.

We work with CTOs, facilities managers, operation managers, IT managers, AV and media technologies support staff, integrators, and other stakeholders, to commission your AV systems. Our commissioning services include extensive testing, documentation, tuning, and adjustments, and a thorough report of systems conditions and setting upon completion—validating systems operations and performance for final acceptance.

While AV systems commissioning is typically the contractor’s responsibility, we provide an objective assessment as an additional service, outside of our standard scope of work and phases, to verify critical performance requirements are met.


AV Systems Commissioning Services

  • Peer Review
  • Work-in-Progress Construction and Installation Monitoring
    • Pre-acceptance Reviews
    • Review Installation and System Components Integration for Proper Connectivity
  • Final Review
    • Point-to-Point AV System Testing to Verify Signal Flow
    • Test and Verify Audio and Video Signals Meet Performance Specifications
    • Test Control Platform for Effective, Efficient Functionality and Operation
    • Develop Report for Debugging, Adjustments and Open items and Assign Completion Tasks to Installers and Integrators
    • Final Audio, Video, Controls and Structured Cabling Reviews and Testing
    • Control Systems Navigation, Training and Trial-run for Systems Operators
    • Markup System Design Plan and Provide Final As-Built Operation and Maintenance Documentation
    • Final Acceptance Documentation