Owner’s Representative Services: Audiovisual Systems

ABD Engineering and Design offers support with independent AV systems Owner's Representative Services—whether it's end-to-end project management or helping your enterprise IT group navigate the process with select services to complement your in-house expertise.

Our AV technology experts manage audiovisual projects, from third-party planning and design, to construction and installation, to completion and commissioning. We review all audiovisual technology proposals, submittals, and other documentation provided by your contractors and provide written reports with recommendations. We review and manage contractors and subcontractors work through the construction and installation phase. At project completion, we test, develop a punch list, conduct final reviews, and commission your systems.

Independent Owners Representative Services

Managing the design and build of complex audiovisual systems projects and reviewing specifications of sophisticated technologies is often best left to experts. As independent owner’s representatives, we have no affiliations with any particular brands, products, technologies, suppliers, integrators, or contractors. We only work for you, bringing objective, unbiased, cost-effective recommendations, and expert project management, so that your audiovisual system incorporates the most appropriate technologies, proper design, construction, and operation—delivering the most effective and affordable solution within your budget.