Acoustical Design

Acoustical design directly affects the quality of the structures you build. Everywhere you live, work, and play—from your work space to the doctor's office, to the shopping mall, to your favorite restaurant—acoustical design must address a host of comfort, health, and privacy issues. At ABD Engineering and Design, our firm’s acoustical consultants provide design solutions for acoustically demanding spaces. We work with architects, engineers, facilities directors, and building owners to achieve acoustical goals and provide timely holistic design, addressing room shaping, finishes, sound isolation, and mechanical systems noise and vibration control.

Diagnosing Potential Acoustical Design Problems Up Front

Acoustical Design PlanningOur acoustical consultants are often engaged up front—in conceptual design and pre-construction phases—for acoustical analysis and solutions. We diagnose potential acoustical design problems and collaborate with the design team to solve them—before those problems are built into new structures. As acoustical design consultants, we review architectural design plans, research applicable noise ordinances, conduct building site evaluations, and use acoustical modeling technology to custom design your ideal solutions.

Our firm also specializes in audiovisual systems design to deliver quality sound reproduction for performance, presentation, and learning spaces. When projects demand both acoustics and AV expertise, our acoustical design and AV consultants work collaboratively to design a unified solution.

Acoustical Design for Existing Facilities

Our acoustical design consultants also provide services for finished buildings, rooms, and other retrofit projects with acoustical challenges. We help design architectural spaces that perform acoustically the way you desire and require, inside and out.

Independent Architectural Design Consultants

As independent acoustical design consultants, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, clients of our firm can be confident our recommendations are free from bias, and focused only on the most effective and affordable solutions for the issues at hand.

Acoustical Design Services

  • Planning and Pre-Construction Consultation
  • Design for Adaptive-Reuse and Retrofit Projects
  • Design for Existing Structures, Rooms and Facilities with Acoustical Problems
  • Acoustical Site Analysis
  • Regulatory and Ordinance Compliance