Acoustical Engineering

ABD Engineering and Design provides expert acoustical engineering for enhancing performance in acoustically demanding environments. Our acoustical engineering services also include controlling, isolating, and mitigating structure-borne, equipment-generated, and environmental noise and vibration.

Acoustical Diagnostics and Analysis for Engineering Acoustics Solutions

Acoustical Engineering Theater ApplicationOur firm’s acoustical engineers perform diagnostic testing and engineer acoustical solutions—whether you’re looking to accentuate desirable acoustics, control reverberation, isolate a sensitive space, or mitigate noise. We review architectural, engineering, and design plans and consult on room shaping, cloud design, material selection, and mechanical systems. Our acoustical professionals also measure and analyze the impact of exterior noise and vibration on interior environments. This analysis helps us work with the building owner or design team to assess and improve the sound isolating performance of the building envelope. As an acoustical engineering firm, we also evaluate noise and vibration generated by facilities for compliance with noise ordinances, building codes, and standards.

An Independent Acoustical Engineering Firm

As an independent acoustical engineering firm, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, our clients are confident our acoustical recommendations are free from bias, and focused only on the effective and affordable solutions for the issues at hand.