Audio Systems Modeling

Our audio video systems engineering and design consultants use advanced modeling software to predict performance of systems in architectural environments where sound reproduction, sound clarity, and speech intelligibility are critical.

Ensure Optimal Audio Systems Performance

Audio system model of an auditorium Modeling AV loudspeaker systems performance before designs are implemented and built can reveal architectural acoustics and technology performance issues—providing architects, facilities managers, technology directors, and other stakeholders with AV modeling data and information to make the optimal system design decisions. We import room characteristics, surface data, and technical specifications of audio systems technology to model acoustical environments and design custom audiovisual systems. With sophisticated acoustical modeling software and the experience of our AV engineering and design consultants, we help verify the desired AV systems performance.

Comprehensive Electro-Acoustical Modeling Services

In addition to audio acoustical modeling, we offer modeling for architectural acoustics and environmental noise and vibration control. Our AV, architectural acoustics, and noise and vibration control experts work collaboratively when projects entail multiple disciplines for complete, comprehensive acoustical modeling solutions.